Managing data, reporting progress, reducing overhead

At PPM we know that creating survey data is only half the battle.  How do you manage the data to show you the correct picture?  Where do you maintain all of the surveys, pictures, videos and data?  How do you create a picture of the state of your properties and what is needed to address any issues?  Develop supporting presentations that allow you to put forward a business case for a budget expenditure?

Within our service, we can manage, maintain and report all data for you with a full data management service.  This allows you to focus on understanding the picture rather than wasting time in developing it.  

Each client has their own web-based client storage area where you can log in and find all information relating to your properties together with all jobs, RAMS, H&S, CDM, quotations etc.  Want to drill down from the report to the site to the job to the data to the paperwork?  No problem.  PPM make it easy for you to understand not only future budget requirements but also where you have spent your money and what benefits you have had for that expenditure.

We do this as a part of our service to our clients, it is free of charge and it is enormously powerful.  To see how we can support you to be armed with the data you need to support you to fulfil your role simply and easily, please contact us on 01484 489795.